Feliz Dia de la Tierra 2016 desde Aloe Eco Park

Feliz Día de la Tierra 2016.

Les presentamos nuestra app para mejorar el planeta Tierra: El Aloe.

El aloe es Verde.

El aloe es Sustentable.

El aloe es un Recurso Renovable.

El aloe es Biodegradable.

El aloe evita la Desertificación.

El aloe absorbe el CO2.

El aloe absorbe la contaminación ambiental.

El aloe es uno de los mejores aliados de nuestro Planeta.


Ventajas de Nuestra Cera para Frutas y Hortalizas en Comparación con la Competencia

Nuestros productos para recubrimiento de frutas y hortalizas ofrecen diversas ventajas y beneficios a los productores, empaques, brokers, distribuidores, importadores y consumidores en su conjunto. Nuestros productos a base de polisacáridos de aloe y quitosano para cobertura de frutas y hortalizas proveen beneficios concretos frente a otros productos de competencia directa e indirecta.


Improving Carrot Fruit Storability by Edible Coating Containing Aloe Vera Gel and Essential Oil from Sesames Seed

The increasing interest and research activity in edible packaging have been motivated by both increasing consumer demand for safe, convenient, and stable foods and also awareness of the negative environmental impacts of non-biodegradable packaging waste.

The aim of this study was to improve carrot fruit storability by testing the effect of edible coating containg Aloe vera gel and essential oil from sesame seeds. The three experimental coatings were: Aloe vera gel (AVG), Sesame oil (SO), Mixture of Aloe vera gel and sesa- me oil (MAVGSO). The following parameters were measured: weight loss, ascorbic acid content, pH, total soluble solid, firmness and microbial qualities. The carrot were stored for seven weeks at ambient temperature. Prior to storage, the carrot samples were surface sterilized using 100mg/L sodium hypochlorites. Results showed that edible coatings was effective in extending the shelf-life of carrot when compared to untreated control in the following order: MAVGSO > AVG >MEG> SO >Control. Results revealed that coatings hindered the growth of microorganisms significantly (p < 0. 05).

Development and evaluation of this indigenous and biodegradable edible coatings will help in prolonging the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables, thereby ensuring food security, poverty reduction and wealth creation in alignment with the objectives of United Nations Millennium Development Goals and Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) of the Federal Government of Nigeria. 

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